In the News

February 2015


Ronkonkoma, NY – NBTY has recently learned that it has been the target of a nationwide fraudulent check scheme pursuant to which individuals were sent counterfeit checks containing the name and address of NBTY, Inc. In several instances, individuals responded to non-NBTY-related job postings on online bulletin boards, were purportedly “hired” for the job, and were then sent packages containing forged and fraudulent checks bearing NBTY’s information along with instructions that the recipient should deposit the check into his/her bank account and wire money to the scammer. Neither the job nor the check is legitimate but rather both are part of a “fake check” scam.

If you received an unsolicited check that bears the NBTY, Inc. name, please be advised that the check will not be honored by NBTY’s bank as it is fake and was not issued by NBTY. Please do not provide the sender of such a check with any money or personal information such as bank account or social security numbers. If you have any doubt as to whether a check bearing the NBTY, Inc. name is legitimate, please contact the NBTY Accounts Payable Department at 631-200-2065 to verify the check.

Information regarding “fake check” scams, including instructions for filing a complaint, can be found on the Federal Trade Commission’s website at:

All checks legitimately issued by NBTY to suppliers, vendors, service-providers, employees, and others for payment of goods and services provided to NBTY will continue to be honored in the ordinary course and are not affected by this matter.