It’s National Dessert Day!

Today is National Dessert Day, and we’re inviting you to indulge in some of our delicious (and nutritious!) products and recipes. There’s a little something for everyone from our family of brands below.

Solgar® Cranberry Crumble Muffin

Made with Whey to Go Strawberry Protein Powder from Solgar®, these Cranberry Crumble Muffins make for a mouthwatering, protein-packed breakfast to fuel the rest of your day. Added applesauce helps keep the muffins moist, while a cinnamon brown sugar crumble adds the perfect finishing touch. Find the quick and easy recipe here!

Pure Protein® Parfait

Indulge in this protein-packed dessert recipe, courtesy of Pure Protein®! The Chocolate Strawberry Protein Parfait is a great option for any occasion, made with vanilla Pure Protein® whey powder and sprinkled with a chopped up Pure Protein® Chocolate Deluxe bar! We made the recipe ourselves – and it did not disappoint. Check out the video here.

Body Fortress® Protein Power Pancakes

This sweet pancake recipe is loaded with protein – perfect for a deliciously satisfying breakfast! The simple ingredients amp up your traditional pancakes with 60 grams of 100% premium whey – just choose from the seven tasty flavors of our Body Fortress® Super Advanced Whey Protein. Check out a recipe video here and try not to get too hungry!

No time to bake?

MET-Rx® and Pure Protein® have the perfect dessert-inspired options for those looking to fuel up on demand. The MET-Rx® Big 100 bar offers power at any time, and the brand’s new Fruity Cereal Crunch flavor offers a nostalgic twist with flavor cues inspired by some of your favorite cereals. If you’re craving something to drink, look no further than Pure Protein’®s Non-GMO Ready-to-Drink shakes. The brand’s new S’mores flavor contains 30 grams of protein and added vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and flavor.

Now, how will you celebrate today?