New Supplements Line is USDA Certified Organic and Features “Tree-Free” Packaging

Sundown® Organics Is 100% Non-GMO, Free from Gluten, Dairy and Dyes

Ronkonkoma, New York — May 14, 2019 — Pursuing a healthier lifestyle isn’t just a growing trend, it’s a way of life that touches every industry. With more than 80 percent of households purchasing organic products in the past year and sales exceeding $49 billion3, it’s no surprise people of all ages are passionate. That’s why Sundown®, a leading maker of quality vitamins and supplements that are 100% Non-GMO2 , gluten and dairy free, and made with flavors and colors from real food 1, today announced the launch of Sundown® Organics, its first entry into the organic market. This new line includes 12 of the most commonly taken supplements – such as a multivitamin, B-12 and hair, skin and nails formula – all clean and USDA certified organic, which is the highest industry standard.

As a top wellness brand and nutrition company, it’s our job to stay at the forefront of what consumers want. Increasingly, that is the assurance that the products they use are transparent and healthy, said Elliot Lasky, President, Naturals Product Group for The Nature’s Bounty Co. “What makes Sundown® Organics unique is that it addresses the desire for products with clean⁷ ingredients consumers will feel good about, and at an affordable price point. The line is also available at drug and food retailers nationwide – allowing anyone to join the organic movement.”

More than 70 percent of the general population believes in the importance of clean vitamins and supplements4 and Sundown® Organics makes it effortless to incorporate them into any daily routine. With a one tablet per day recommendation, the products have intuitive names that speak directly to their benefits. The line has 12 items in all, and contains ingredients not found in other mainstream products. It even has “tree-free” packaging made from sustainable sugar cane which helps keep the planet a little greener.

  • Well – A number of multivitamins specifically developed for adults, enriched with more than 15 organic fruits and vegetables – 100mg blend per serving.6
  • Active Energy Complex – For that extra boost of energy, this supplement uses naturally occurring caffeine from Guayusa, Guarana and Green tea.* It also contains two essential vitamins – B12 and B6 for energy metabolism support* – plus a combination of popular botanicals.
  • Terrific Tummy Probiotic – With 1.5 billion active cultures per serving and friendly bacteria for the digestive system,* this probiotic does wonders for the tummy.
  • Sincerely Turmeric – With 315mg of Turmeric, this powerful plant-based supplement supports antioxidant health.*
  • Respond Immune Complex – Stay strong with this tablet that contains immune supporting ingredients Vitamin C and Vitamin D3, as well as a blend of Organic Reishi, Shiitake and Maitake Mushrooms.* It also has Selenium and Zinc, which act as antioxidants to help fight against free radicals in the body.*
  • Stress Escape™ –  Packed with 500mg per serving of Passion Flower, a tropical herb that has been traditionally used for centuries, Stress Escape is a great choice to help relieve occasional stress*5
  • Goodnight Herbal Complex – Combat occasional sleeplessness* with this complex that contains Valerian Root, Chamomile, Lemon Balm and Passion Flower.
  • Strong Bones Core Complex – With 200mg of plant-based Calcium that is sourced from the pristine shores of South America, this complex contains naturally occurring minerals to support bone health.*
  • Ener-B® B12 1000 MCG – Provides energy metabolism for the whole body and helps maintain cellular energy levels by converting food into energy.*
  • Positively Pretty Hair, Skin & Nails Complex – Experience beauty from within* with this hair, skin and nails formula that provides 2500mcgs of Biotin and key nutrients plus an herbal blend of Green Tea, Grapeseed, and Moringa Oleifera Leaf.

Sundown® Organics will be available at most major U.S. chain drug and food retailers this month. For more information about these truly clean supplements, visit Stay in the know with live brand updates by following Sundown® on Facebook and Instagram.

About The Nature’s Bounty Co.
The Nature’s Bounty Co. is a privately held, global leader in health and wellness with a rich history and proven track record in the nutritional market. As a manufacturer, marketer and online seller of vitamins, dietary supplements, minerals, herbals, protein bars and powders, and ethical beauty products, we are committed to supporting consumers’ wellness needs through high quality products backed by science. The brands of The Nature’s Bounty Co. are some of the most trusted in the world including Nature’s Bounty®, Pure Protein®, Solgar®, Osteo Bi-Flex®, Organic Doctor®, Sundown®, Body Fortress®, MET-Rx® and Ester-C®. For more information, visit us at or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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1 Applies to all products manufactured after 5/1/15. 
2 Applies to all products manufactured after 3/1/17. 
3 Source: Organic Trade Association’s 2018 Industry Survey 
4 Source: Packaged Facts National Consumer Survey and Simmons Profile Reports, and The Organic and Clean Label Food Consumer in the U.S.
5 Traditional use claims are based on historical or traditional practices. The use of passionflower for its soothing properties dates back to the ancient Aztecs.
6 Contains a powdered blend of organic fruits and vegetables.
7Clean defined as all products Non-GMO1 and free of gluten, wheat, dairy, lactose and artificial flavors 2